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The Food Pantry of Indian River County is the largest pure Food Pantry in the area, providing emergency food provisions, at no cost, to any County resident.

In Florida, and especially Indian River County, the economy is based on small business, citrus, service and tourism. The nature of employment in these areas often results in seasonal work, with minimal benefits, at low income rates.

  • A good, reliable employee in one of these areas, as hard as they work, could very well be paid below the defined poverty level, not be employed year round, and have minimal benefits such as health insurance.
  • They often are making choices between rent, utilities, food and health.
  • For several years prior to 2006, the booming construction absorbed much of the surplus labor at higher compensation and benefit levels.
  • Unemployment benefits are running/have run out.
  • State and federal funding for support programs are being cut.
  • Agencies such as the Food Pantry are attempting to fill the gaps.

Our numbers in 2011:

  • 10,000 households
  • 34,000 people
  • All Volunteer
  • 97% of donations used to buy food
  • 260,000 pounds (130 tons)
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